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I hope this site may become a place where visitors to, who are interested in:

  • My stories, songs or poetry,
  • Online marketing and delivery of their own works,
  • The challenges of living life as an independent artist,

will offer comments, suggestions or perhaps find a few answers to questions prompted by their visit(s) to

Just a few very general comments about to kick things off.

  • I’ve been a working writer for most of my life, and I’ve managed to do my own writing in between freelance corporate communications and training assignments.
  • I did try the standard route of getting an agent and approaching publishers. Mostly, I received kind or flattering statements about my work followed by, “We just don’t know how to market this.”
  • After a while, I believed them…

I came to the inescapable conclusion that if I was going to ever push my creative works farther out into the stream, I was going to have to find that path forward for myself. I was certain that the web was the means, and so I started looking at what other authors, publishers and musicians were doing to promote their works.

Two years ago, I came across the work of a very innovative designer, Dave Bricker, and we started down the road that led to As our vision for the site crystalized, Dave decided to bring in Sylvia Sayas to do the heavy lifting on all of the 3D modeling the site would require. Other talented people have contributed advice and support all along the way. It has been a great trip so far and we’re only at the end of the beginning.

So… I’m glad you found your way here, and I hope you’ll consider building your own better world.

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