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Richard Geller

I didn’t set out to be a writer…I think writing found me the way drink finds an alcoholic.

I was born in 1943, a dangerous time for the world and particularly so for members of all minorities. As I grew from infancy through adolescence, I was haunted by the black and white images of the war I saw on TV—trying to understand the world in which I found myself and seeking a safe way to fit in.

I more or less came of age during the sixties and seventies, between the last gasps of the beat generation on through the hippies and the yippies, the folk scene, the civil rights struggle, Memphis ’68, the struggle against the Vietnam War. I was caught up in the great flow of it all—seeking a better world.

Along the way: I earned a BA in English, got married, got an MFA in poetry from the Writers Workshop at the University of Iowa, started teaching at Memphis State University, left the country and returned, entered graduate school at Yale, earned an MA & MPhil, got divorced, left Yale, entered the business world, went on pilgrimages, sought spiritual enlightenment, joined an ashram, left as it imploded, buried my father, then my mother, and, quite a few years later, my sister.

At the age of fifty, I married for a second time. As a result, I have two wonderful daughters, Juliette and Genevieve.  At the age of sixty-nine, however, I found myself divorced and pretty much starting over from scratch.

For most of my career, I’ve been a working writer. Most of what I really want to say is in my fables,  poems and songs.

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