An Old Man Sat By A Pond

A story/poem for this beautiful May morning…

An Old Man Sat By A Pond

An old man sat by a pond in perfect stillness and not a single thought arose in him to disturb it.

After a while, a perfectly formed, pure-white flower
appeared on the pond. Its petals were like ivory;
its stamens, topped with pale yellow, arched over and above a white pistil glistening.

Still, no thought arose as, gradually, the flower
transformed itself into the most beautiful woman, the old man had ever seen. Even as she strode forth across the water, arms open, as if to embrace him,
no thought arose.

Instead, he bowed and the woman bowed and
transformed into a light that was both within
and without.

So this is death, the old man thought. “Life,” a voice said from within.

from True Worldly Things by Richard Geller

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