And The April Results—Richard Geller

One of the goals of this blog from the beginning was to share whatever results we got with those who are interested in the viability of online DTF (direct-to-fan) marketing. My hope was that over time, more people would engage in a discussion of what works and what doesn’t, and we’d all start to get a better handle on what’s really required for online audience building and promotion.

Just a few days more than a month ago, we made our first significant upgrade to the site. I say first, because I expect there will be a second and a third and so forth. That’s just a guess based on my experience to date that refining the user experience and adding content is just part of ongoing online marketing.

So, what results if any are observable after one-month with our new “Shortcut” option and its new feature set?

We’ve had the most traffic ever: 3739 visits, and with an average of 2.47 visits per visitor. Most significantly the percentages of people spending more than one hour (2.4%), a half-hour to an hour (2.6%) and fifteen minutes to a half-hour (1.8%) and five minutes to fifteen minutes (4.2%) shifted towards the overall number of people spending more than a half-hour to over an hour doubling over previous months. 74% of traffic is gone in less than 30 seconds, however. Also we had visits from 67 countries.

Okay but what does this mean? (Note: I choose the Awstat figures, because they tend to be more conservative.)

We’re hearing fewer comments that people find the site confusing and instead more comments about how easy it is to navigate. We got our first full site review with glowing comments from the Champlain College Publishing Initiative . And it would appear people are staying longer and engaging more with the content. I’m assuming this, because I received more favorable comments about the books from people who visited.

On the other hand, sales are still slow, and I have not seen any increase in the conversion rate (less than 1%). What will it take for people to start buying? I really have no ideas other than the ones I shared in previous posts. I’ll implement them and see how things turn out. But that’s also why this is an experiment worth doing. Onward!

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