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Remembering Steve Jobs—Richard Geller

If you are one of the people whose life was somehow changed, even transformed, by an Apple product, you’re likely deeply saddened by Steve Job’s passing; I know I am. Like you, I have my own story about how Steve … Continue reading

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Only Those Who Need To—Richard Geller

I spent an interesting Sunday in New York catching up with an old friend in from LA to try to raise finishing monies for a new show. My friend is a documentary film producer/director, who, over the years, has produced … Continue reading

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My Afternoons with Margueritte—Richard Geller

Every so often a little film comes along that is so very lovely that it makes you want to tell everyone you care about to go see it if they can. “My Afternoons with Margueritte” starring Gérard Depardieu and Giséle Casadesus … Continue reading

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Google’s New Wallet—Richard Geller

Wired  magazine describes a new smartphone AP from Google that will allow you to have virtual credit cards in your smartphone. You won’t need to carry plastic cards around—just wave your phone in front of a reader and poof! your transaction’s … Continue reading

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Swannanoa Gathering 2011—Richard Geller

I just got back from my eighth Swannanoa Gathering at Warren Wilson College just outside Asheville, NC. The Gathering consists of five week-long events devoted to different forms/genres of acoustic music. I attend the Contemporary Folk & Guitar Week in late July. … Continue reading

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First Time Ever (On The Radio)—Richard Geller

It’s funny how things happen. Looking back, there seems to be a kind of inevitability to it, yet that’s probably the historical revisionist in me trying to impose order on something resiliently mysterious. Last summer at Swannanoa, my friend Sally, … Continue reading

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We Are Not Mistaken—Richard Geller

We Are Not Mistaken We are not mistaken By our belief in God Or Truth or absolute reality We are not mistaken By our disbelief in God Or Truth or absolute reality We are mistaken By our certainty from Living … Continue reading

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The Ungiveable Gift—Richard Geller

The Ungiveable Gift Not sorrow exactly Rather A dull sadness Or disappointment That persists Having at last found Something priceless And therefore worthy of all— Discovering it almost Impossible to share An ungiveable gift Like some fabled jewel That disappears … Continue reading

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With Experience—Richard Geller

With Experience With experience And reflection The refinement Of desire Is inevitable As is The refinement Of dissatisfaction Two sides Of the same coin The thickness Of which is illusion from True Worldly Things by Richard Geller Share on Facebook

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75th Anniversary Iowa Writers Workshop—Richard Geller

It’s strange being back after 46 years; the simple truth is that I recognize practically nothing about Iowa City, so there’s no great flood of nostalgia. I guess you can’t go home again. And I do think of the Iowa … Continue reading

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