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First Time Ever (On The Radio)—Richard Geller

It’s funny how things happen. Looking back, there seems to be a kind of inevitability to it, yet that’s probably the historical revisionist in me trying to impose order on something resiliently mysterious. Last summer at Swannanoa, my friend Sally, … Continue reading

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75th Anniversary Iowa Writers Workshop—Richard Geller

It’s strange being back after 46 years; the simple truth is that I recognize practically nothing about Iowa City, so there’s no great flood of nostalgia. I guess you can’t go home again. And I do think of the Iowa … Continue reading

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Chicken And Egg

I have a good friend whose judgment I trust a lot. This morning I read her my last post and she said as best I remember, “I think you’re attacking the wrong dog. It’s the media that’s mostly responsible for … Continue reading

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My wife and I never talked down to our girls. We spoke to them more or less as we would to adults. No baby-talk. No kootchy-Koo. No quantum physics though—one started getting that in the fourth grade. (I’m serious; she … Continue reading

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An Oath To Tell The Truth?

I finally got to meet with President Obama last night, and he was not looking particularly well. He’d been smoking more. I told him it was time for a fundamental change in American politics that would cost nothing. I told … Continue reading

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Nick’s Tip Of The Day—Richard Geller

Yesterday, my daughter, Juliette, and I were out around lunch time, and she was in dire need of a tuna melt. So we stopped at Nicks, a local eatery. Even in this recession, with so many of the shoreline restaurants … Continue reading

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On Complaints—Richard Geller

I’m closing in on completing a new volume of poetry entitled, True Worldly Things. In some ways, I suppose it’s a companion piece to Living On The Outskirts Of Heaven, which was focused on the issue of realizing peace of … Continue reading

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The Oil Spill As Opportunity—Richard Geller

Just Before Awakening This Morning I’m the acting head of a hospital ward even though I don’t remember if I’m really a doctor from a past life. But I’m also one of the patients in this ward Who still needs … Continue reading

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This Morning I’m Searching—Richard Geller

I’ve started working on a new collection of poems apparently. I say apparently, because I never really know what I am going to write until I start writing. Sometimes, a book arrives in a rush. Living On The Outskirts Of … Continue reading

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Finding Fault—Richard Geller

The phrase “to find fault” is stuck in my head today. Perhaps because I’m good at finding fault—with all sorts of things. It’s habitual, a knee-jerk reaction, and not particularly helpful when it comes to building relationships with those closest … Continue reading

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