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First Time Ever (On The Radio)—Richard Geller

It’s funny how things happen. Looking back, there seems to be a kind of inevitability to it, yet that’s probably the historical revisionist in me trying to impose order on something resiliently mysterious. Last summer at Swannanoa, my friend Sally, … Continue reading

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75th Anniversary Iowa Writers Workshop—Richard Geller

It’s strange being back after 46 years; the simple truth is that I recognize practically nothing about Iowa City, so there’s no great flood of nostalgia. I guess you can’t go home again. And I do think of the Iowa … Continue reading

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Who Would Miss—Richard Geller

Who Would Miss On the 75th Anniversary of The Iowa Writers’ Workshop Who would miss Those iron-cold winters, The salt-stained, icy sidewalks, The overcast skies—head tucked Into my collar and scarf—leaning Into the freezing blast of wind off the river … Continue reading

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Spring Cleaning

It’s Spring! Time for some site work—all with an eye toward moving my work further out into the stream. First, we have some changes to our blog appearance underway, along with improvements to its functionality. Second, a new book to … Continue reading

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Online Marketing Works

Actually, I don’t feel like talking too much about online marketing. I feel like celebrating. A song of mine was recently selected for a national TV campaign for the Norwegian Cancer Society, and it started airing on Christmas day on … Continue reading

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This Morning I’m Searching—Richard Geller

I’ve started working on a new collection of poems apparently. I say apparently, because I never really know what I am going to write until I start writing. Sometimes, a book arrives in a rush. Living On The Outskirts Of … Continue reading

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Finding Fault—Richard Geller

The phrase “to find fault” is stuck in my head today. Perhaps because I’m good at finding fault—with all sorts of things. It’s habitual, a knee-jerk reaction, and not particularly helpful when it comes to building relationships with those closest … Continue reading

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Re: Success & Failure—Richard Geller

I love Seth Godin’s blog; today’s is a brief one about an aspect of success and failure. It’s worth reading, and it’s worth subscribing to. Anyhow, I sent him this note on the subject of success and failure. Periodically, I … Continue reading

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Faux Clapton Changes Everything Or Not—Richard Geller

An excellent story about the emergence of new artificial intelligence musical tools from Zenph this morning in Wired prompted the following: I love “technology changes everything” stories, and in this case the technology is way cool, and I’m not sure … Continue reading

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But Will They Pay? Richard Geller

Fast Company’s Kit Eaton quotes an interesting Harris Poll that suggests most people will not pay for online newspapers and magazines. The short article is definitely worth a look. I don’t buy it however. I’m guessing I’m one of those … Continue reading

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