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And The April Results—Richard Geller

One of the goals of this blog from the beginning was to share whatever results we got with those who are interested in the viability of online DTF (direct-to-fan) marketing. My hope was that over time, more people would engage … Continue reading

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Building A Publishing Platform—Richard Geller

About nine months ago, give or take a few months, when we were about to launch aSiteAboutSomething, an intellectual property lawyer, who was truly kind, took some time to explain to me how things worked and introduced me to this … Continue reading

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Where Good Ideas Come From—Richard Geller

You never know where the next provocative idea is going to come from or, more particularly, from whom. Once you open yourself to the ideas and suggestions of others, someone can come along and knock your assumptions upside the head. … Continue reading

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The Joys Of LinkedIn Marketing—Richard Geller

It’s funny how as you start to actually learn a little something about what you’re doing, you begin relax and actually start enjoying things you never thought you would… I use to meet with a group of writers to talk … Continue reading

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To Link Or Not To Link—Richard Geller

When we were working on aSiteAboutSomething, Dave and I discussed the subject of links a few times. Naturally, we liked the idea of other people adding a link to our site from theirs, but those links might not be entirely … Continue reading

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Things Are Not Necessarily What They Seem—Richard Geller

For those who are following this experiment in DTF (direct to fan) marketing (thanks Blake Butterfield for the term, DTF), I feel that in the first nine months after launching aSiteAboutSomething, I’ve reached a fairly stable level of visits (3000+) … Continue reading

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LinkedIn Marketing, Part 3—Richard Geller

So, it’s now been 54 days since I started to actively market using LinkedIn. I now have a network of 404 diverse professional contacts. Yesterday I sent out a message to everyone that I just uploaded some significant changes to … Continue reading

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LinkedIn Marketing, Part 2—Richard Geller

It’s been just about eighteen days since I started to actively market on LinkedIn. Here’s what I did; I joined about a dozen professional groups, introduced myself to four or five of these groups as a whole, and, then, have … Continue reading

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LinkedIn Marketing?—Richard Geller

I’ve started joining more groups on LinkedIn as part of my marketing strategy for Actually, I should have said “evolving or developing” marketing strategy. It’s near impossible to formulate much of a strategy for promoting an indie artist’s work … Continue reading

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Rough Business—Richard Geller

Last night, my wife and I went to see Young Victoria at our local arts cinema. But before going into the theater, we stopped off at our local bookstore across the street. RJ Julia is a lovely, welcoming shop that … Continue reading

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