Chicken And Egg

I have a good friend whose judgment I trust a lot. This morning I read her my last post and she said as best I remember, “I think you’re attacking the wrong dog. It’s the media that’s mostly responsible for the dumbing down of our political discourse.

“In the media the biggest numbers drive the most money, and money drives the bus. That’s the real reason we have agenda-driven opinion and soundbites masquerading around as news.”

She might be right. Perhaps our politicians don’t like the current situation any better than we do. Perhaps the politicians have to confine themselves to soundbites in order to have a prayer of being quoted accurately and not being interpreted to fit someone else’s agenda. Maybe they feel just as stuck. Maybe they think we’re all a bunch of dumb clucks. I’m sure I don’t know.

I just want us to get down to discussing the issues thoroughly and making the best possible decisions we can for all the people. How do we get that to happen?

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