I Think Sometimes—Richard Geller

I Think Sometimes

I think sometimes
What’s the point
Of writing poems, stories or songs?

Deep inside, I think
Most writers understand
This world is crazy

That everyone is simply pursuing
Whatever it is
They think will make them happy

And all that desire
Consumes our world in wars

Ponzi schemes, pollution and falsehoods,
Even as its beauty and its pain
Enchants and puzzles us

And we write in search
Of a surer path to happiness
For ourselves and each other.

I think sometimes
How naïve we are.
And then I write the lines

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2 Responses to I Think Sometimes—Richard Geller

  1. paul.dibello says:

    Nice poem Richard. A little dark, but you look good a little dark.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks, Paul… Bottom line: we try not to be crazy do what we can.

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