My Afternoons with Margueritte—Richard Geller

Every so often a little film comes along that is so very lovely that it makes you want to tell everyone you care about to go see it if they can. “My Afternoons with Margueritte” starring Gérard Depardieu and Giséle Casadesus is such a movie. It’s a beautiful, hopeful little tale about an illiterate village oaf (Depardieu) and a 95 year old woman (Casadesus) with a passion for words, who meet one day in a park and the tranformative effects of their developing friendship and love. The trailer, while not one of the best or worst, perhaps gives a small taste of the world you’re being invited to visit,  and this film delivers moments of genuine magic and artistry to be savored long after the last scene fades to black. On the night I saw the film, the audience applauded—not that common an event in America—and almost everyone seemed reluctant to leave the theater and have the spell broken.

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