Remembering Steve Jobs—Richard Geller

If you are one of the people whose life was somehow changed, even transformed, by an Apple product, you’re likely deeply saddened by Steve Job’s passing; I know I am. Like you, I have my own story about how Steve Jobs and Apple made my life better.

When I was a poor graduate student at the Poetry Writer’s Workshop at the University of Iowa, my first big purchase was an IBM Selectric. It was an amazing machine, because it gave me the ability to switch type fonts and correct without Wite-Out.  Next, I heard about the first Wang word processors that only large corporations could afford. (I wanted one of those so badly!) But in the early 80’s the first personal computers appeared, and I bought an IBM PC and ran WordPerfect. My first Apple was a IIci, and it (and subsequent Macs) changed my life again and again with: desktop publishing, video editing,  the internet, online marketing, self-publishing, and audio recording.

The bottom line for me is that, for over a quarter of a century, Macs have been at the center of my creative life—a key enabler of my dream of getting my work further out into the stream.

If you do one thing, watch Steve Job’s 15-minute graduation address to the Stamford Class of 2005. I promise you it’s worth your time. Thanks, Steve, RIP.

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