Spring Cleaning

It’s Spring! Time for some site work—all with an eye toward moving my work further out into the stream.

First, we have some changes to our blog appearance underway, along with improvements to its functionality.

Second, a new book to put up on the site: True Worldly Things—a collection of poems that’s definitely a companion work to Living On The Outskirts Of Heaven.

We now have a physical CD available in addition to the digital downloads and, as of this morning, our downloads are on CD Baby, iTunes and Amazon and more.

So, we will have all kinds of new store links to add: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, CD Baby, iTunes, etc. as we de-emphasize our own store in favor of trusted online retailers.

We expect to have Kindle, iBook, other ebook formats available in the coming months. (Unfortunately, our first ebook conversion vendor seems to have so thoroughly dropped the ball that we must now shop for a replacement.)

I have been performing regularly as way of workshopping a new collection of songs, so a new CD is definitely in the mix.

Ah Spring…blessed season of renewal…Grazzi!

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