Who Would Miss—Richard Geller

Who Would Miss
On the 75th Anniversary of The Iowa Writers’ Workshop

Who would miss
Those iron-cold winters,
The salt-stained, icy sidewalks,
The overcast skies—head tucked
Into my collar and scarf—leaning
Into the freezing blast of wind off the river
And around all the corners

Or those uninviting Quonset huts
Cold and drafty or oven like
Where we gathered from the far
Corners of the world—confirmed
In our youthful certainty
That the right words matter
That the right words can make a difference

And who would think
A lifetime later
Despite every disappointment
The world offers, this
Improbable belief
Might uphold us still—
That the right words matter?

from True Worldly Things by Richard Geller

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